Tylko (2009 - )

Tylko is the solo project of Adelaide born guitarist Luke Tylkowski. At an early age, Luke was fascinated with music. Receiving his first guitar at an early age, he took to the craft with fervor and played as part of many local outfits. After countless years of practice, playing and performing with others, he undertook his first solo project: Tylko.

With a distinctly fresh feel, Tylko evades categorisation. A blend of indie and alternative rock, smooth and sombre ballads spiced with lyrics that span right down to the outright violent and poetic. Influenced by the likes of Smashing Pumpkins et. al., Tylko has developed his own take on rock with a soul. Since the start of the Tylko project, Tylko has played at Adelaide venues and received favourable acclaim.

Trivia: 'tylko' is Polish for 'only'.