The Milos Szekeres Project (2008 - 2008)

The Milos Szekeres Project is a one-time concept project by Jakub Gaudasinski. Using his skill as a cellist, drummer, guitarist, piano accordionist and composer, Jakub brings togeather classical arrangement and modern electronic production into a deranged adventure of a mental asylum escapee.

Jakub was born in Poland in the early 1980s and, from an early age, was trained as a classical cellist. However, his auditory palette was forged in the fires of computer programming, field recording, editing and resampling. As a self-taught pianist, drummer and guitarist, Jakub purchased an old Italian piano accodion in a pawn-shop and began to experiment with it. Putting all of his skills into a single fusion of all of their sounds created a blend that is as wild and unpredictable as Milos Szekeres himself.