Tripy (2014 - )
Tripy (A.K.A. Charlie Xuereb) was born in Malta, and is one of Malta's biggest talents in electronic music, with a career at top of the scene, stretching for over a decade. From an early age Charlie was heavily influenced by music. Many times Tripy was found playing with music toys as well as performing at a young age out in streets with his uncle at local music festivals in town. Later on when he started to get more involved in the music scene, he started dancing to different rhythms like break-dance and hip-hop. Along his journey, he discovered the sounds of electronic music like House, Hard-House, Experimental Techno and minimalistic styles until finally he was reeled in by the Trance sound. The final evolution and transformation happened when Charlie, in the year 2000, happened to be in India - Goa. He states that in that place and in that moment he realized what psychedelic music was all about. Before his journey started, Charlie was playing with computers and technology which where related to musical instruments, and so by finding this world of computers and music, he soon understood that those were the same as the toys he grew up with, and so the Tripy project was born. Tripy also started DJ-ing, and along his journey he performed in local clubs, outdoor parties and later on in India(Goa), Thailand(Ko Phan Gan) and in Australia. After all this he decided to move to Australia where he played live and did DJ sets, mainly focusing on dance-floor music. After spending some years in Australia, Charlie decided to return back to Malta where he is now finding himself focusing more on the Progressive Psy-Trance.